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Camera Repair Service

All makes and models of camera and camcorder serviced & repaired

Digital Camera Repair Service

All makes and models serviced & repairedThe camera repair service from First Digital Repairs Ltd is both easy and affordable. When your camera stops functioning as it should, we are able to restore it to full working order.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates on all work to our customers. Simply send in your camera to our postal address along with your contact details and a description of the problem. We recommend you send your repair to us in a securely packaged plain box via Royal Mail Special delivery. This service is guaranteed next day delivery by noon and includes transit insurance. For your peace of mind, delivery can also be traced using the Royal Mail information line or website.

All Makes & Models Serviced & Repaired

We service and repair all makes and models of camera. We are particularly familiar with the following brands Free estimates with no obligationKODAK, SONY, PANASONIC, CANON, JVC, FUJIFILM, MINOLTA, KONICA, NIKON, PENTAX, HITACHI, SANYO, SAMSUNG, OLYMPUS, PENTAX, LEICA, SIGMA and MANY MORE.

Affordable Camera Repair Service

The camera repair service we offer is designed to be the affordable alternative to replacing your broken or damaged camera. Unfortunately it is very difficult to provide pricing online because every repair is different. However each repair is individually accessed and a FREE OF CHARGE estimate is produced within three days. If you decide that the repair is not worthwhile, you are under no obligation and you might even be able to part exchange your broken camera for a new or used camera from our stock. Call or email us our camera repair service today.

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